18 Volt Makita Batteries

compatable with Makita:18 Volt Drills.

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18 Volt Makita Battery
New 100% compatible.
The Makita 18 Volt Batteries are Compatable with all of the model numbers listed on this page. Replace your worn out Nicads with a New Nickel Metal Hydride pack and see the difference in performance.

Charging Drill Batteries

Nicad, NiMH Batteries
  • 100% compatible with the original tools.
  • Nicad and NiMH batteries are 100% compatible with the original charger
  • Makita 18 Volt Batteries.
  • Dimension: 119.75x93.70x105.10 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Ni-Mh batteries have Less memory effect than Ni-Cd battery, i.e.longer battery life.
  • Ni-Mh allows higher current drain and deliver more power and torque than Ni-Cd batteries
  • Fits Makita: 1823 , 1833 , 1834 , 1835 , 1835F, 192828-1, 192829-9 ,193061-8, 193102-0, 193140-2, 193783-0,
    Fits Makita models: 4334D, 4334DWD, 4334DWDE, 5026DB, 5026DWD, 5036DB, 5036DWD, 5046DB, 5046DWD, 5620DWD, 5621DWD, 6343D,6343DBE, 6343DWB, 6343DWDE, 6347D, 6347DWDE, 6347DWFE, 6349DWFE, 8443D, 8443DWDE, 8444DWFE,DK1016DL, DK1021DL, DK1024D, DK1032DL,DK1033DL, DK1034D,DK1034DL, DK1052DL, ,DK2000D,JR180, JR180DWD, LS711DWBEK,LS800DWBE, LS800DWD, ML180, SC190DWDE.

Makita Drill charger
18 Volt Makita Drill charger


Ni-CD 18 Volt, 2000mah
Dimensions: 119.75x93.70x105.10mm
Weight: 990.g


Ni-MH 18 Volt
, 2200mah
Dimensions: 119.75x93.70x105.10mm
Weight: 941.90g



Ni-MH 18 Volt
, 3000mah
Dimensions: 119.75x93.70x105.10mm
Weight: 1024.90g


Description for the Makita 18 Volt Battery
  • Replacement aftermarket Makita 18 Volt Intelligent battery pack.
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed Makita 18 Volt OEM specifications.
  • Compatible with the following models: 1823 , 1833 , 1834 , 1835 , 1835F, 192828-1, 192829-9 ,193061-8, 193102-0, 193140-2, 193783-0, 193159-1 and others.

  • 100% inspection of all 18 Volt batteries.
  • Only the highest quality Japanese cells are used in our power tools batteries
  • Usually ships the same business day.

Hello and welcome to our site about the Makita 18v Battery .
Makita Tools have always been a favorite with tradespersons and professionals around the globe, and continue to be to this day.

The Makita 18v Battery seems to provide endless power. They hold their charge for weeks with very little loss. Throughout an entire small project you need only one Makita 18v Battery for drilling and driving. The batteries slide on and off easily, with no issues of binding or falling off.

Recharging the Makita 18v Battery: All you have to do is simply hook a Makita 18v Battery up to the battery charger supplied in the kits. It is a smart charger, it can charge both NiMH and Li Ion batteries from 7.2v to 18v, and with its inbuilt processing chip it communicates with the battery's onboard circuit to deliver consistent charge as well as safe current, thermal and voltage control to maximize battery life. It is also claimed the charger can recognize a battery's history, analyze its current condition, and then choose the best charging method for the pack based on these factors.

Using The Charger For The Makita 18v Battery: Three lights on the Makita 18v Battery charger show charge status. When charging, the red light is illuminated. When battery capacity reaches more than 80%, the green light starts to show concurrently with the red light, and when fully charged, the green light alone is illuminated. A third amber light is designed to illuminate if it detects a problem with the Makita 18v Battery pack. Heat is a battery cell's enemy so anything to keep it cool will help preserve or extend its working life.

Replacement Makita 18V Battery: A replacement battery usually has an extended life with 54% more power than the original. Remove the Makita 18v battery, making sure that it is charged to 50% and store it in a dry place. Ensure that the Makita 18v Battery is wrapped protectively and nothing will be dropped on it. Makita helped to pioneer the cordless drill, and with its Makita 18v Battery, it has continued its pursuit of convenience, effectiveness and more efficient energy use.

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