977406-000 Craftsman Batteries

compatable with Craftsman 977406-000 Cordless Drills

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(Compatible with 14.8 Volt)
Dimensions: 111.80x80.52x97.40mm
New 100% compatible,

977406-000 Craftsman Powertool Batteries

Charging Drill Batteries / Choosing the right Drill

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries:
  • Compatable Craftsman Batteries are
    100% compatible with the original tools.
  • Replacement batteries are
    100% compatible with the original charger
  • NiMH Drill batteries have higher capacity than the original power pack.
  • It has less memory effect than Ni-Cd battery, i.e. longer battery life.
  • It allows higher current drain, e.g. deliver more power and torque than Ni-Cd battery
  • Fits Craftsman 11103 , 11105, 11107, 982151-001 ,27190, 14.4 volt,
    11333, 9-27194, 973.224440 , 977406-000, 9-11062,
    315.111050, 981480-001,981001-000.


Ni-Cd 14.4 volt, 1500mah

977406-000 Craftsman Powertool Batteries



Ni-Cd 14.4 volt, 2000mah
977406-000 Craftsman Powertool Batteries

977406-000 Craftsman Powertool Batteries$56.99


Ni-MH 14.4 volt, 3000mah
977406-000 Craftsman Powertool Batteries

More power and torque than Ni-Cd


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977406-000 Craftsman Powertool Batteries

977406-000 Craftsman Batteries.

977406-000 Craftsman Batteries