981956-001 Craftsman

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15.6 Volt,3000mah, New, 100% compatible, 1 Year Warranty!

981956-001 Craftsman Batteries

The item you've selected is designated as a rebuild. While our mission is to provide you with a brand new battery for your device, in rare instances new batteries are simply not available. This battery is one of those cases. While we cannot supply you with a new battery, we can rebuild your existing battery (providing it is no longer functional and therefore ready to be rebuilt). In order for us to rebuild your battery, you must send it in to us. We carefully open the plastic casing of your old battery (Battery Packs with screw tops only. We currently have no clean way of opening the sealed packs) and install a new cell-pack inside. The plastic casing is then re-sealed. In effect, you then have a new battery inside the old plastic casing. A rebuilt battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications and comes with a 1-year warranty. 1. Please send your old battery directly to our battery rebuild department: Attn: Rebuild Dept. The Battery Bank 2565 Pemberton Rd Apopka, FL. 32703 2. Please use a paper, write down your name, address and phone number, send it in along with your old battery. 100% compatible with the original tools. It is 100% compatible with the original charger Color : Black Weight 0.35lbs 981956-001 Craftsman Rebuild Only NiMh 15.6 Volt, 3000mah

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Craftsman Powertool Batteries

981956-001 Craftsman.

981956-001 Craftsman